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Letter Name State Country Latitude Longitude
A Alabama [P0008] Alabama   32°19'42.16"N 86°53'56.38"W
  Alabama College [P0027] Alabama USA 33°06'18.58"N 86°52'18.29"W
B Birmingham, Alabama [P0023] Alabama USA 33°31'08.32"N 86°48'08.62"W
  Boldo Cemetery [P0012] Alabama USA 33°51'01.23"N 87°11'09.65"W
C Chattooga County, Georgia [P0033] Georgia USA 34°28'18.58"N 85°18'54.14"W
  Clay County, Alabama [P0016] Alabama USA 33°24'34.33"N 86°01'50.06"W
  Columbus, Mississippi [P0031] Mississippi USA 33°29'49.13"N 88°25'41.46"W
D DCH Regional Medical Center [P0000] Alabama United States 33°12'23.62"N 87°31'26.79"W
F First Baptist Church of Parrish [P0080] Alabama USA    
  Forest Manor Nursing Home [P0037] Alabama USA 33°14'20.20"N 87°35'06.83"W
G Georgia [P0007] Georgia   32°30'00.00"N 83°00'00.00"W
  Goodsprings Baptist Church Cemetery [P0029] Alabama USA 33°40'14.08"N 87°14'10.82"W
H Holly Grove, Walker, Alabama [P0009] Alabama   33°50'20.40"N 87°25'22.80"W
J Jasper, Alabama [P0011] Alabama USA 33°50'26.62"N 87°16'13.95"W
  Jefferson County, Alabama [P0081] Alabama USA    
K Kentucky, USA [P0014] Kentucky USA 38°08'14.66"N 84°16'00.34"W
L Lloyd Noland Hospital [P0003] Alabama USA 33°29'12.61"N 86°54'21.29"W
  Louisiana State University [P0004]     30°24'46.84"N 91°10'48.07"W
  Louisville, Kentucky [P0079] Kentucky      
M Mississippi [P0025] Mississippi USA 32°22'47.41"N 89°18'32.45"W
  Morgan County, Georgia [P0036] Georgia USA 33°34'58.64"N 83°27'46.58"W
  Mulga, Alabama [P0032] Alabama USA 33°32'59.74"N 86°58'26.13"W
N New Prospect Baptist Church Cemetary [P0020] Alabama USA 33°51'46.86"N 87°17'53.28"W
P Parrish, Alabama [P0028] Alabama USA 33°43'49.95"N 87°17'03.59"W
  Prescott Cemetery [P0082] Alabama      
Q Quinton, AL [P0083] Alabama USA    
R Residence of Richard and Dixie Smith [P0001] Alabama United States 33°49'33.01"N 87°17'37.12"W
  Riderville, Alabama [P0022] Alabama USA 32°40'38.20"N 86°55'51.79"W
  Rome, GA [P0006] Georgia   34°15'36.00"N 85°11'06.00"W
  Ruby, Alabama [P0015] Alabama      
S Shady Grove Methodist Church and Cemetery [P0035] Alabama USA 34°08'30.00"N 87°02'07.02"W
  South Carolina [P0041] South Carolina USA    
  Subligna, Georgia [P0030] Georgia USA 34°33'36.92"N 85°11'14.83"W
  Sylacauga, Alabama [P0019] Alabama USA 33°10'14.88"N 86°15'05.01"W
T Talladega County, Alabama [P0018] Alabama USA 33°32'54.33"N 86°24'14.52"W
  The University of Alabama [P0005] Alabama USA 33°12'49.73"N 87°32'26.62"W
  Tuscaloosa Memorial Park [P0024] Alabama USA 33°12'04.37"N 87°27'24.51"W
  Tuscaloosa, Alabama [P0026] Alabama USA 33°12'35.25"N 87°34'06.68"W
V Virginia [P0042] Virginia      
W Wake, North Carolina [P0010] North Carolina United States of America 35°48'18.12"N 78°33'54.63"W
  Walker County, Alabama [P0017] Alabama USA 33°51'20.10"N 87°18'46.56"W
  Walker Memory Gardens [P0021] Alabama USA 33°52'01.23"N 87°18'17.29"W