Smith, Dixie Shurett

Married Name Smith, Dixie Shurett
Birth Name Shurett, Dixie Eunice
Gramps ID I0013
Gender female
Age at Death 76 years, 8 months, 15 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1898-12-30   Birth of Smith, Dixie Eunice Shurett
Death 1975-09-14   Death of Smith, Dixie Eunice Shurett


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Shurett, William Thomas [I0055]
Mother Harkins, Emma Ann [I0056]
         Smith, Dixie Shurett [I0013]
    Brother     Shurett, Clofus Leon [I0057]
    Sister     Shurett, May Bell [I0058]
    Sister     Shurett, Maude [I0059]
    Brother     Shurett, Robert Fletcher [I0060]
    Sister     Shurett, Vera [I0061]
    Sister     Shurett, Emma [I0062]


    Family of Smith, Richard Henry and Smith, Dixie Shurett [F0003]
Married Husband Smith, Richard Henry [I0009]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1919-12-20   Marriage of Richard Henry Smith to Dixie Eunice Shurrett Smith
  1. Smith, [Living] [I0052]
  2. Smith, [Living] [I0053]
  3. Smith, Reba Frances [I0008]
  4. Smith, Robert Harold [I0054]


Date Street Locality City State/ Province County Postal Code Country Phone Sources
1910       Chilton County, Alabama     USA   1a



GRK: She used to have a kind of H-dropping style accent. She would pronounce her husband's name "in-uh-ree" for example.


  1. Shurett, William Thomas [I0055]
    1. Harkins, Emma Ann [I0056]
      1. Shurett, Clofus Leon [I0057]
      2. Shurett, May Bell [I0058]
      3. Smith, Dixie Shurett
        1. Smith, Richard Henry [I0009]
          1. Smith, Reba Frances [I0008]
          2. Smith, [Living] [I0052]
          3. Smith, [Living] [I0053]
          4. Smith, Robert Harold [I0054]
      4. Shurett, Maude [I0059]
      5. Shurett, Robert Fletcher [I0060]
      6. Shurett, Vera [I0061]
      7. Shurett, Emma [I0062]


Source References

  1. Descendants of John Shurett [S0021]
      • Page: p. 4-5