Smith, Reba Frances 1a

Birth Name Smith, Reba Frances
Married Name Kilgo, Reba Smith
Gramps ID I0008
Gender female
Age at Death 88 years, 6 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1920-10-24   Birth of Kilgo, Reba Smith
Death 2008-10-30   Death of Kilgo, Reba Smith


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Smith, Richard Henry [I0009]
Mother Smith, Dixie Shurett [I0013]
         Smith, Reba Frances [I0008]
    Sister     Smith, [Living] [I0052]
    Sister     Smith, [Living] [I0053]
    Brother     Smith, Robert Harold [I0054]


    Family of Kilgo, John Henry and Smith, Reba Frances [F0002]
Married Husband Kilgo, John Henry [I0007]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1948-01-28 Residence of Richard and Dixie Smith Marriage of Kilgo, John Henry and Kilgo, Reba Smith
  1. Kilgo, [Living] [I0001]



Reba Frances Smith was born into a coal mining family in Bankhead, AL where she lived the bulk of her young life.

Reba met her husband, John Henry Kilgo, while working at a department in Jasper. It's not totally clear, but they may have worked together at G May & Sons in Jasper, AL. She once said she had him confused for a "big city" man, which may have got her interested in him. They married and spent their honeymoon in Las Vegas, NV, which she said was a "nice place."

After having their son, Gary Roderick Kilgo, she continued working, while her parents helped took care of Gary during the day.

From some time in the 1970's and onward, she, John, and Gary lived at their family home in Jasper, AL in Oakdale Circle, Gary moving out to attend college in Tuscaloosa. That home would be the site of frequent visits from Gary and the grandchildren who knew her as "Mama Reba".

In the late 1990's, Gary surprised his parents with an apartment in Tuscaloosa at an assisted living facility named "Pine Valley" off Rice Valley Road. She and John would drive back and forth from Jasper to visit. After John's death, Reba continued to drive between Jasper and Tuscaloosa, though later in life she spent the bulk of her time in Tuscaloosa.

Reba died in hospice care of generally failing health after taking a fall in her apartment.

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Smith, Richard Henry [I0009]
    1. Smith, Dixie Shurett [I0013]
      1. Smith, [Living] [I0052]
      2. Smith, [Living] [I0053]
      3. Smith, Reba Frances
        1. Kilgo, John Henry [I0007]
          1. Kilgo, [Living] [I0001]
      4. Smith, Robert Harold [I0054]


Source References

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