Kilgore, Dygo 1a

Birth Name Kilgore, Dygo
Gramps ID I0083
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1823 Georgia Birth of Kilgore, Dygo


    Family of Kilgo, Lewis T and Kilgore, Dygo [F0029]
Unknown Partner Kilgo, Lewis T [I0050]
  1. Kilgore, John D [I0089]
  2. Kilgore, Martha [I0092]
  3. Kilgore, Lewis Wade [I0091]
  4. Kilgore, Willis Soloman [I0085]
  5. Kilgore, Oliver [I0086]
  6. Kilgore, Mary Emiline [I0087]


Family rumor suggests she may have been Native American, Cherokee, mostly due to the exotic name. Dad (Gary Roderick Kilgo) suggested that "Dygo" could be some misspelling of "Sligo", after the town in Ireland.

Another online family tree which appear to intersect this one [1] have unsourced information that her name could have also been Mary Ann (Dygo) Hill. The Native American theory could hold true and she took an English name.


Family Map

Family Map


    1. Kilgore, Dygo
      1. Kilgo, Lewis T [I0050]
        1. Kilgore, Willis Soloman [I0085]
        2. Kilgore, Oliver [I0086]
        3. Kilgore, Mary Emiline [I0087]
        4. Kilgore, John D [I0089]
        5. Kilgore, Martha [I0092]
        6. Kilgore, Lewis Wade [I0091]

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