Kilgore, Oliver 1a 2a

Birth Name Kilgore, Oliver
Nick Name Ollie
Gramps ID I0086
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1848 Georgia Birth of Kilgore, Oliver
2a 1a


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Kilgo, Lewis T [I0050]
Mother Kilgore, Dygo [I0083]
    Brother     Kilgore, Willis Soloman [I0085]
         Kilgore, Oliver [I0086]
    Sister     Kilgore, Mary Emiline [I0087]
    Half-brother     Kilgore, John D [I0089] (Birth, Stepchild)
    Half-sister     Kilgore, Martha [I0092] (Birth, Stepchild)
    Half-brother     Kilgore, Lewis Wade [I0091] (Birth, Stepchild)

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Kilgo, Lewis T [I0050]
    1. Kilgore, Dygo [I0083]
      1. Kilgore, John D [I0089]
      2. Kilgore, Martha [I0092]
      3. Kilgore, Lewis Wade [I0091]
      4. Kilgore, Willis Soloman [I0085]
      5. Kilgore, Oliver
      6. Kilgore, Mary Emiline [I0087]


Source References

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