Hood, Melissa Jane 1a

Birth Name Hood, Melissa Jane
Married Name Snow, Melissa Jane
Gramps ID I0078
Gender female
Age at Death 51 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1846    
Census (Unknown) 1870-08-00 Jefferson County, Alabama  
Death 1897    
Burial   Prescott Cemetery  


    Family of Snow, James Monroe and Hood, Melissa Jane [F0026]
Unknown Partner Snow, James Monroe [I0077]
  1. Snow, [Living] [I0292]
  2. Snow, [Living] [I0293]
  3. Snow, Jack [I0283]
  4. Snow, Mary [I0284]
  5. Snow, Robert Lee Sr. [I0020]
  6. Snow, Cara [I0285]
  7. Snow, Andrew [I0286]
  8. Snow, Tony [I0287]
  9. Snow, Rosia Angela [I0288]

Family Map

Family Map


    1. Hood, Melissa Jane
      1. Snow, James Monroe [I0077]
        1. Snow, [Living] [I0292]
        2. Snow, [Living] [I0293]
        3. Snow, Jack [I0283]
        4. Snow, Robert Lee Sr. [I0020]
        5. Snow, Mary [I0284]
        6. Snow, Cara [I0285]
        7. Snow, Andrew [I0286]
        8. Snow, Tony [I0287]
        9. Snow, Rosia Angela [I0288]

Source References

  1. Alabama, Deaths, 1908-1974 [S0029]
      • Page: Reference 2896, FHL microfilm 1912774
      • Source text:

        Name: Robert Lee Snow
        Titles and Terms: null
        Name Prefix: null
        Event Date: 05 Jan 1968
        Event Place: Northport, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
        Gender: Male
        Race (Original): null
        Race: null
        Age (Original): 88y
        Birth Year (Estimated): 1880
        Birth Date (Original): null
        Birthplace: null
        Marital Status: null
        Spouse's Name: Cordelia Snow
        Spouse's Titles and Terms: null
        Spouse's Name Prefix: null
        Father's Name: Jim R. Snow
        Father's Titles and Terms: null
        Father's Name Prefix: null
        Father's Birthplace: null
        Mother's Name: Melissa Hood
        Mother's Titles and Terms: null
        Mother's Name Prefix: null
        Mother's Birthplace: null
        Occupation: null
        Address: null
        Residence Place: null
        Cemetery: null
        Burial Place: null
        Burial Date: null
        Funeral Home: null
        Informant's Name: null
        Informant's Name (Original): null
        GS Film number: 1912774
        Reference ID: 2896



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  2. 1870 Census of the United States [S0048]
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