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Birth Name Kilgo, Henry Hansel

    Henry's middle name is somewhat in disagreement by family recollection, but "Hansel" was what one of his children remembers.

Birth Name Kilgo, Henry Handsom 3a

    This name is frequenly mentioned by family members, possibly because his WWI draft card is clearly signed as "Henry Handsom Kilgo," but if you notice it appears it was not he who signed it. An "X" is marked on his name with "his mark" written around it. It appears someone may have signed his name for him and he authorized the signature with his mark.

Gramps ID I0031
Gender male
Age at Death 65 years, 11 months, 5 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1885-12-19 Rome, GA Birth of Henry H Kilgo
1a 2a 4a
Birth 1886-12-19 Subligna, Georgia Birth of Kilgo, Henry Handsom
Occupation 1917 Jasper, Alabama Farmer
Death 1951-11-24   Death of Henry H Kilgo


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Kilgo, Louis A [I0033]
Mother Kilgo, Francis Wade [I0034]
         Kilgo, Henry Hansel [I0031]
    Sister     Kilgo, Sena E [I0035]
    Sister     Kilgo, Rhoda E [I0036]
    Brother     Kilgo, Howard D [I0037]
    Brother     Kilgo, John H [I0038]
    Sister     Kilgo, Novel B [I0039]


    Family of Kilgo, Henry Hansel and Robinson, Leila E(mma?) [F0015]
Married Wife Robinson, Leila E(mma?) [I0032]
  1. Kilgo, [Living] [I0044]
  2. Kilgo, [Living] [I0051]
  3. Kilgo, [Living] [I0118]
  4. Kilgo, John Henry [I0007]
  5. Kilgo, Andrew [I0074]
  6. Kilgo, Thomas Hubert [I0043]


Family Map

Family Map


  1. Kilgo, Louis A [I0033]
    1. Kilgo, Francis Wade [I0034]
      1. Kilgo, Henry Hansel
        1. Robinson, Leila E(mma?) [I0032]
          1. Kilgo, John Henry [I0007]
          2. Kilgo, Thomas Hubert [I0043]
          3. Kilgo, [Living] [I0044]
          4. Kilgo, [Living] [I0051]
          5. Kilgo, Andrew [I0074]
          6. Kilgo, [Living] [I0118]
      2. Kilgo, Sena E [I0035]
      3. Kilgo, Rhoda E [I0036]
      4. Kilgo, Howard D [I0037]
      5. Kilgo, John H [I0038]
      6. Kilgo, Novel B [I0039]


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