1940 Census of the United States

Gramps ID S0027


  1. Parrish, Walker, Alabama, District 64-33, Sheet 10B
    1. Birth of Bessie May Earnest
      1. Earnest, Bessie May [I0064]
    2. Earnest, Bessie May [I0064]
    3. Family of Sanford, Eli S and Earnest, Bessie May
      1. Earnest, Bessie May [I0064]
      2. Sanford, Eli S [I0063]
    4. Sanford, Eli S [I0063]
    5. Sanford, Wilma Nell [I0004]
  2. Walker, Alabama, District 7-64-33, Sheet 4B
    1. Clerk at retail drug store
      1. Hood, Cordelia [I0065]
    2. Druggist
      1. Snow, Robert Lee Sr. [I0020]
    3. Family of Snow, Robert Lee Sr. and Hood, Cordelia
      1. Hood, Cordelia [I0065]
      2. Snow, Robert Lee Sr. [I0020]
    4. Hood, Cordelia [I0065]
    5. Parrish
      1. Hood, Cordelia [I0065]
      2. Snow, Mildred E [I0022]
      3. Snow, Robert Lee Jr. [I0003]
      4. Snow, Robert Lee Sr. [I0020]
    6. Snow, Mildred E [I0022]
    7. Snow, Robert Lee Jr. [I0003]
    8. Snow, Robert Lee Sr. [I0020]